Vueye Vue.js 3 template

A rich template with many components, which are built with Tailwind CSS And Vue.



Using the new tools

Using the new versions and new tools like Vue 3, Vite 2, pnpm, ESBuild

File based routing

Using the vite-plugin-pages plugin to create file based routing

Components auto importing

Using the unplugin-vue-components plugin to auto import components

State Management via Pinia

Manage your state with the new tool Pinia

Layout system

vite-plugin-vue-layouts plugin helps you to create layouts

Use icons from carbon-icons

Using the unplugin-icons plugin to use icons from carbon-icons

I18n ready

vue-i18n plugin is used to support i18n based on YAML files

Other tools

... and many more tools such as TypeScript, Prettier, ESLint, etc.